Other documents / postprints / parallel publishing

To this category belong (scientific) articles, chapters, monographs, preprints and so on.


If you would like to publish an article that has not been published yet, it can be published as a preprint or working paper.

Postprints / parallel publishing

We encourage you to store a document that has been published elsewhere on OPUS. Thereby you enable anybody, not only subscribers of a particular journal or anthology, to get access to your results permanently and free of charge (i.e. Open Access). This guarantees a high rate of searchability and long-term archiving by the German National Library.

Online publications on the principles of Open Access are recommended by the Board of Govenors of the University of Würzburg, the German Rector's Conference and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (see also: Open-Access-Policy of the University of Würzburg). Electronic publications are easy to find and available at any work station at any time and flexible in use.

A survey of the British project Sherpa showed that most of the big-players in international scientific publishing like Blackwell, Elsevier, Springer and Wiley grant their authors the right of self-archiving. The terms for self-archiving on an institutional repository may vary from case to case. The SHERPA/RoMEO list records most of international relevant publishers and their general policies on Open Access.

Please pay attention to the legal situation. Regulations can be found in the contract between the author and the publisher. During the negotiations on the contract, please make sure that you keep the right on an online publication on an institutional or disciplinary repository. Many publishers allow self-archiving only with restrictions like an embargo or only in the original format.

If you have to face any insecurities or need support, please contact our staff.