1 Aims and substantial criteria for OPUS Würzburg

The Online-Publication-Service OPUS Würzburg offers all members of the University of Würzburg the organisational and technical conditions for a fast electronic publication of their scientific work. Within this service the University Library provides online access to scientific documents in compliance with quality standards. With this service the University of Würzburg supports worldwide, free access to scientific information. The electronic documents receive permanent, citable "Persistent identifier" in form of URN-addresses and are indexed in national and international library catalogues, search engines, OAI-Service providers and other bibliographic tools. Furthermore long-term archiving of the electronic documents is guaranteed. In operating and for further developments recommendations and standardizations of national and international initiatives as for example the German Initiative for Network Information (DINI), Dublin Core Metadata Initiative and the Open Archives Initiative (OAI) are considered.

2 Legal framework

The author grants the operator of the publication server the following rights of use:
  • the permanent right of electronic storage, especially in databases
  • a non-exclusive, temporally unlimited right (§ 31 Abs. 2 UrhG) to make the document available for the public in international networks according to § 19a UrhG,
  • the permanent right to convert the document for purposes of long-term archiving or visualisation under consideration of the preservation of the content (the original archiving is retained)
  • the right to change and/or complete the metadata provided by the author or editor if necessary
  • the right to make the metadata accessible and usable for anybody without restrictions
  • the right to transfer the document and the metadata with the same rights stated above to the German National Library and other regionally or technically suitable repositories
The use of Creative-Commons-Licenses is recommended. The authors and editors alone are responsible for the content of the documents. The University of Würzburg is not liable for the content of the provided documents and linked external pages. It is incumbent on the authors or editors to clarify the legal situation as to potentially affected copyrights of third parties or to obtain the consent of the latter. In the case that the author receives information on existing or pending legal obstacles, he will inform the University Library without delay. The copyright of the authors is preserved. The author grants the University of Würzburg only a simple right of use. The publication on OPUS Würzburg is not opposed to a publication in scientific journals or monographs or other repositories. According to the recommendations of the Wissenschaftsrat all scientists of the University of Würzburg are advised to ensure another right of use when signing a contract with a publisher and to publish their documents additionally Open Access - if necessary after an embargo. Some publishers allow self-archiving on institutional repositories or on the homepage of the author, however often linked with a temporary embargo between the publisher's version and the Open Access publication. The regulatories for self-archiving of publishers are recorded in the SHERPA/RoMEO list. For further information please contact your publisher. There is no compensation. The use of the publications for commercial purposes through the University Library is not possible.

3 Requirements for electronic documents

The term "electronic document" is, in the sense of these guidelines, a document which is based on text and graphics, is stored in digital form on a data storage medium and is distributed via computer networks. The publication of multimedia documents which include audio and video material is also possible. A document to be published on the publication server fulfills the following conditions:
  • It is intended for public distribution.
  • It is not a dynamic document. If changes are necessary, the edited electronic document will be stored as a new version.
  • It complies with the technical requirements set up by the University Library.
The authors provide bibliographic data about the document by themselves or an authorised person via online-form. All documents get subject indexing through the author. The subject indexing takes place in form of controlled keywords of the GND, free keywords and a classification scheme (DDC).

4 Electronic documents, that are published and spread via OPUS Würzburg

Scientists, students and others whose contributions are connected to the University of Würzburg can submit publications in an accepted file format to the archive or commission the staff of the university library with archiving them. A change of the content of the documents is ruled out. The following types of electronic documents will be stored:
  • Current publications, preprints and copies/postprints from members of the University of Würzburg with scientific content
  • Series of the University of Würzburg, publications and series edited by members of the University of Würzburg like compilations, conference proceedings, research reports, scientific journals or series
  • documents that need to be published according to the examination regulations, e.g. doctoral theses, habilitations
  • theses from students of the University of Würzburg (diploma, magister and master theses as well as the German government licensing examination called Staatsexamen) in case that the publication is approved by the supervisor or a faculty member
  • publications and series from persons or institutions associated with University of Würzburg

5 Long-Term archiving and security

Publications on OPUS Würzburg are stored and archived as PDF. The file is protected against manipulations. For long-term, globally unambiguous and location-independent referencing, this means for permanent availability and citability, each document receives in addition to the URL a persistent identifier (Uniform Resource Name) according to the urn:nbn-scheme of the German National Library. Basically we achieve free and permanent availability for the document; availability can only be guaranteed for 5 years. Archiving beyond that depends on the availability of the format, the software required and the possibilities of conversion. Finally published documents may not be modified or deleted. For some reasons access can be rescricted locally (for example only within the IP-range of the University of Würzburg). Indexing, storage and archiving are carried out and developed according to international standards like the Open Archives Initiative (OAI). Statistics analyse the number of accesses to a document per month, the use of the publications server per day and the indexing by search engine robots per month.

6 Indexing

To achieve an effective search with regards to content on national and international level, each publication is indexed by bibliographic and technical metadata according to the Dublin-Core-format. Moreover subject indexing with a minimum standard of one abstract, keywords and classification according to a classification scheme is required. This data is provided by the author. To ensure a consistent level of quality the metadata may be corrected or completed by the staff of the University Library. The documents are accessibly and searchable via different resources, at the moment those are:
  • OAIster - Meta search engine over more than 1100 free accessible publication server
  • BASE - multi disciplinary search engine for scientific web documents provided by the University of Bielefeld
  • Catalogue of the Bavarian Library Network (Gateway Bayern, with the exception of dependent works like articles)
  • Catalogue of the German National Library (with the exception of dependent works like articles)
  • Catalogue of the University Library of Würzburg (with the exception of dependent works like articles)
  • WorldCat (with the exception of dependent works like articles)
  • Search engines like Google or Google Scholar

7 Organisational settlements

The publication server OPUS Würzburg is run by the University Library Würzburg. The support of hard- and software is up to the Kooperativer Bibliotheksverbund Berlin-Brandenburg (KOBV). Electronic publishing is free of charge for members of the University of Würzburg and members of institutions associated with the University of Würzburg. Generally the delivery of electronic documents for publication on OPUS is carried out via an upload form. All steps that are necessary for publication in addition to this like editing or conversion to other formats are supported and realized by the University Library.

Contact for any questions regarding the publication service is the university library.

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