Publication process

The diagramm "Arbeitsschritte" gives a quick overview.

Click on "Publish" in the menu on the homepage.
At first you need to choose a document type. Below you can upload your document. Your document will be published as a PDF file. The formatting of documents on OPUS Würzburg should be according to scientific papers. The original files of doctoral theses can be in different formats like .doc(x), .tex, .zip. Afterwards please read our policies and accept them by setting a checkmark in the box.
Go on to the next step. Here you are asked to insert different pieces of information about your document (cf. Metadata), which are required for recording in other catalogues and databases. Describe your document along to the categories given. Depending on the choosen document type some fields are marked as obligatory. Apart from that please be as detailed as possible. Recorded are for example:
  • document type
  • title and language of the title
  • abstract
  • controlled and free keywords
  • language of your document
  • license with which the document shall be published
At the end of the form you can check your entries and choose one of three options: Correct, Cancel or Save.
Then please print the author's contract and hand it in via mail, e-mail or fax.Before publication all documents run through a check by the University Library. Afterwards all documents are available on the internet for free.