Document types

You can choose one of the following document types:
  • (Scientific) Article Document type (scientific) Article includes documents that have been published as article, editorial, register, table of content or editorial section of a scientific journal or scientific periodical (postprint).
  • Bachelor’s Thesis Document type Bachelor's Thesis refers to the lowest level of a written thesis (usually after 3 years of study).
  • Book Document type Book (Monograph) is intended for classic monographic publications.
  • Part of a Book Document type Part of a Book (Chapter) represents documents that have been prepared within the framework of a monographic publication, such as chapters or contributions to compilations.
  • Conference Object Document type Conference Object includes all kinds of documents connected to a conference (conference papers, conference reports, conference lectures, contributions to conference proceedings, conference contributions, abstracts, volumes of conference contributions, conference posters).
  • Doctoral Thesis Document type Doctoral Thesis refers to the highest level of a written thesis, which is equivalent or higher than a doctoral thesis, but does not follow the Bologna Convention.
  • Habilitation thesis A habiliation thesis, also professional thesis or post-doctoral thesis, is a scientifc thesis as part of the habilitation process.
  • Issue Document type Issue refers to a complete issue of a journal.
  • Master’s Thesis Document type Master's Thesis refers to the medium level of a written thesis and also includes written theses completed before the Bologna process for academic degrees equivalent to the current master degree (‘Magister‘, ‘Uni-Diplom‘, ‘Staatsexamen‘).
  • Moving Image / Image Document type Moving Image refers to a series of visual representations that convey the impression of movement when shown sequentially. Examples are animations, films, TV shows, videos or the visual representation of a simulation.
  • Other Document type Other is intended for everything that does not fit in any of the existing document types.
  • Preprint Document type Preprint includes preliminary scientific or technical papers that are not published in a series of an institution, but are to appear in a scientific journal or as part of a book.
  • Report Document type Report includes textual material that cannot be categorized as any of the other types, e.g. reports, external research reports, internal reports, memos, statistical reports, project completion reports, technical documentations and instructions.
  • Review Document type Review refers to reviews of books or article and/or summaries of a publication that have not been written by the author.
  • Study Thesis Document type Study Thesis refers to textual elaborations that are prepared as part of a course of study (term papers, seminar reports, investigation and project reports) and are not categorized as thesis.
  • Working Paper Document type Working Paper refers to a preliminary scientific or technical paper that is published in a series of an institution (also: Research Paper, Research Memorandum, Discussion Paper).
The description of the document types refers mainly to the documentation of OPUS (Source: OPUS 4 Handbuch (Stand: 01.07.2019)).