Elements of the publishing form

Author (obligatory)
Please name all authors of the text ordered according to the full text. Authors are defined as the person(s) who are/(is) responsible for the intellectual content. For instance authors (text documents), artists, photographers or illustrators (graphical documents).
For persons, the standardized form "family name, first name" is obligatory, in order to improve the searchability of the document. If possible, please add e-mail addresses of all authors. We recommend to use private or permanently used e-mail addresses.

If available please provide the ORCID and / or GND ID to faciliate the identification of authors. The team of the university library will be happy to help you with further information.

Institute (obligatory)
Please select the institute of the university, which the authors belong to. Choose "down" to select an institute within a faculty. If it is not possible to relate the publication to an institute, select a faculty or institution or add another institute.
This field is essential for the publication statistics of institutes or members of the University.

Granting Institution (Theses only)
Institution, i.e. faculty, that grants for example the doctor's degree.

Advisor (Theses only)
The main advisor has to be specified concerning dissertations. Academic titles may be added optionally. (e.g. Muster, Hans Prof. Dr.).

Date of final exam
This field is required for doctoral theses only.

Please select the language of the text. Choose "multiple language" for other languages or texts in several languages.

Title (obligatory
Enter title and if necessary subtitles here according to the scheme "Title : Subtitle".
Formulas are displayed via MathJax. Please note that formulas marked by $ are not displayed correctly. Please use \({\(…\)}\) for in-line math or \({\[…\]}\) or \({$$...$$}\) for displayed equations instead. Information on MathJax that is more detailed can be found at To improve the visibility of your document for search engines it is helpful to provide the title in other languages (e.g. English). Add or delete a title by clicking the button. For doctoral theses, habilitation theses and other theses a German and an English version of the title are required.

Parent title
Please enter the parent work's title (i.e. Journal, Compilation, Anthology).

Please enter the ISSN of the journal or series.

Year of publication of the document.

Volume, Issue
These information are required for (scientific) articles or issues. They can be found in the imprint or on the cover.

Please enter the edition here, e.g. "2nd edition" or "3. rev. ed.".

Enter the publisher where your document has originally been published. If it is published for the first time on OPUS Würzburg, this field can stay empty.

Series of the University of Wuerzburg
If your document is part of one of our series, please select it from the drop-down menu. For documents belonging to other series choose "Andere Schriftenreihe".

Andere Schriftenreihe
Name the series your document is published in, if it is not usually published on OPUS Würzburg.

If available, please enter the ISBN here. If your document is published in Würzburg University Press, this field can stay empty.

Number of Pages. For articles: "First page - last page" or article number.

A textual description of the resource´s content inclusive a short abstract for document resources. For graphical resources : Short description of the content. The description may not be longer then 2000 characters (= ca. half of a DIN A4 page). It can be imported from the document with "copy and paste". In the case, that no abstract has been written, the introduction or the table of content can be used. Formulas are displayed via MathJax. Please note that formulas marked by $ are not displayed correctly. Please use \({\(…\)}\) for in-line math or \({\[…\]}\) or \({$$...$$}\) for displayed equations instead. Information on MathJax that is more detailed can be found at
For dissertations and theses it is necessary to give a summary in German and English.

Controlled Keywords
The keywords for controlled description of the document´s content can be automatically taken to the form sheet from the German (GND) keyword vocabulary (subject authority file)

Uncontrolled Keywords
Additionally there is the possibility to give free keywords when there are no useful keywords in the controlled vocabulary. For better international searchability there is the possibility to give English keywords too.

General Classification
The Dewey Decimal Classification is one of the most widespread international classifications.
Please choose a class on the third level: "100 - Philosophy and psychology"

Classification (CCS, MSC, PACS, JEL)
In some cases a verbal description of the content is not enough, therefore the possibility of classificatory description is offered, when corresponding systems are available.

Digital Object Identifier of your primary publication.

Uniform Resource Locator of your primary publication.

Other participating institutes
If your document has been edited by another institution or conference or if another institution has been involved, please use this field. (For conference use the following scheme: Title, counting, year, place)

Contributor is anybody, who has contributed to a document, e.g. illustrator, translator, sponsor etc.
Please name the role after the name. Example: Schmidt, Hanne (Illustrator)

Here you can choose under which conditions your document will be available. More information can be found here.

This field can be used for any comments that did not fit into another field.

For any further questions please enter your contact details, if you are not the author.