Author's contract
The right's owner confirms with his handwritten signature on the author's contract,
  • that they transfer the non-exclusive and permanent right to publish the document on the Internet to the University of Würzburg, represented by the university library,
  • that the rights of third parties are not violated by the publication and that the University of Würzburg is indemnified from claims of third parties,
  • that the university library may transfer the document to other libraries, archives and if neccessary aggregators, this applies to the server of the German National Library as well as other document server with regard to content or regional aspects,
  • that the document may be converted into another format for purposes of long-term archiving and preservation,
  • that in addition to this for doctoral theses the publication is consistent with the version approved for print and consistent with the delivered print copies.

Use of third party material
Using third party material, especially figures, test items etc., please check whether reuse is permitted. Please contact us if there are any questions.

Exploitation right
After an online publication on the repository of the University of Würzburg the exploitation right for all kinds of use remain with the authors of the document or in cases of a transfer of the rights by the authors with the editors or the utiliser.
The right owner transfers only a single, non-exclusive right of online publication and rights necessary for digital long-term archiving to the University of Würzburg.
Thus the authors retain the right to publish their document in print or online elsewhere.

Rights of use
The German copyright applies to documents provided electronically in data networks as far as the author or rights owner does not grant further exploitation right by the use of a Creative Commons Licence.

According to §53 UrhG the reader has the right to make personal copies or prints for his personal scientific or non-commercial use.

Utilization beyond that requires an explicit and written permission of the author or rights owner beforehand. The user himself is responsible for compliance with the law. He may be held liable for any violation.