Technical requirements

Technical requirements

Your document has to be a scientific paper that can be read with a well-established reader. The size should be as small as possible. At the moment OPUS can handle several document types like pdf, tex, doc(x), xls(x) or zip.

If your paper includes programs, data sets, audio or video sequences, etc. on a CD ROM as well, those should be published zip-packed on OPUS Würzburg.

File name

The file name may not include special characters (like /, ä, ü, etc.) or blanks. It may contain characters A to Z oder a to z and numbers from 0 to 9 as well as an underscore (_). We recommend to use a structured and short file name, i. e. LastName_Thesis.pdf, as it will be made public as well.

No security limits

Please, don't set any security limits in your PDF-file. This might lead to problems with long-term archiving and data migration in the future. Of course your work is protected against illegal access on our server and on the server of the German National Library.

Maximum size for upload

For technical reasons only files with a maximum of 250 MB are accepted for upload. Larger files should be passed via web-storage.

Upload of files

If you have any problems, please contact

Tips on PDFs - production, formats and editing

We usually publish documents in PDF. For purposes of long-term archiving documents must be stored in the standardised PDF/A format. PDF/A is an international standard developed for long-term archiving. Most word processing programs are able to save documents as PDF/A directly. It is also possible to convert a PDF into a PDF/A using Adobe Acrobat Pro or another conversion program. Please pay attention to the document properties like title, author and keywords. These can have an influence on the way you document is presented on the internet.

Barrier free PDF

You can upload you document as a barrier free PDF as well. Further information on barrier free PDFs can be found for example on the websites of the Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen (

Editing of PDF

Many changes can only be processed by a special software like Adobe Acrobat.